Desert Experience


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Lebh Shomea offers an Individual Desert Experience of 40 days. The Desert Experience is an opportunity for an individual to pray in depth and at the same time to reflect on the mystery that God is effecting within him or her. The participant makes five weeks of personalized silent retreat with guidance from a spiritual director. This program can be started at any time, based on a person's availability and schedule. Lebh Shomea provides daily Eucharist, an individual dwelling, and three meals a day. There is opportunity for periodic visits at our beach property on Baffin Bay. The suggested stipend is $2,380 but can be negotiated given a person's particular financial circumstances.

Those interested in making the Desert Experience are aked to write a one or two page response to the statement: WHY I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS CALLING ME TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS DESERT EXPERIENCE. In addition, we also request a letter of recommendation from one's spiritual director.

If you feel called to this DESERT EXPERIENCE, please contact us at the address below.