Lebh Shomea Celebrates Nature

Flowers and Wings


Butterfly on a Flower




With all the butterflies that abound on the property, including this Queen, there is plenty of "hope for the flowers."





This lantana around a fence post is a sample of the plentiful wild flowers that grow on the property. The lantana blooms mostly during the spring and summer, but some vegetation is always in bloom in the area. Kenedy County is renowned throughout South Texas for its abundance of gorgeous wild flowers.

Lantana Blooming by Fencepost





Retama Tree in Bloom

In addition to flowers at ground-level, here is an example of an entire tree in bloom. It is a retama, and its delicate flowers and delightful scent last a couple of weeks in the spring.





This yucca (commonly called "Spanish Dagger") is nestled among some sable (or fan) palms. The yucca blooms for about two weeks and marks the transition from winter to spring in the Southwest.

Yucca in Bloom