Lebh Shomea Celebrates Nature

Early Mornings and Late Evenings





Morning dew accentuates this spider web in the high grass. Because of Lebh Shomea's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico there is always dew in the morning. The precipitation level of the area is very low-- most years we experience "drought" conditions. Therefore, the vegetation around us depends heavily on this dew for its water supply.





The sun is rising and beginning to illuminate the mesquite trees. The three main types of trees which are indigenous to the area are mesquite, shrub oak and sable palm.

Sunrise over the Mesquites





One of the Walking Trails

This scene represents one of the many solitary trails winding through the mesquite trees and oak motts. Because of the sandy soil and the lack of rain, the tree population around here takes on a bush quality rather than growing in height.





This sunset among the palms is not Hawaii but South Texas -- Lebh Shomea to be exact.

Sunset over Palm Trees





Full Moon Behind a Palm Tree

The full moon bids us farewell and peaceful rest.