View from the Upper Room in the Big House

Lebh Shomea
Celebrates Nature


Welcome to our Celebration
of Creation!


Lebh Shomea is immersed in the wilderness of South Texas - six miles from the nearest highway. Some of this wilderness is thick brush laced with deer trails. Other areas of this wilderness represent rolling sand dunes dotted with oak motts and buffalo grass. Everywhere there are flowers most of the year, and there is always a great diversity of animals milling about.

The following pictures offer some idea of the vegetation and the animal life that co-habit these hallowed grounds with us humans.

Sightings of Animals

Soaring of Birds

Flowers and Wings

Early Mornings and Late Evenings

As a sign of the interconnectedness of all creation and God's incarnate love for the whole cosmos, we use dried materials (leaves, flowers, grasses, etc.) from the landscape surrounding the House of Prayer to decorate the chapels.